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The Green Man Pottery

Decorative, Distinctive, Individualistic, Functional & Undeniably Touchable Ceramics


High Quality, Hand-made Wall Plaques


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A Wide Range of Traditional, Historic & Pagan Pottery


Adorable Ceramic Jewellery


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And Funeral Urns for Family & Pets




 Dr. Steve Cousins The Green Man Potter

"I AM the Green Man!" (A misquote from Louis XIV, regarding the State)

Based in ancient Brancepeth Castle, my designs are heavily influenced by my other two careers as a landscape designer & as a landscape archaeologist; along with my love of woodland & folk traditions.  I am particularly interested in the Medieval Period & the Green Man motif, which encapsulates my life in a single representation.

Many of my plaque designs are based upon original sculptures in historic buildings, while others are purely my own, but with the common motif of the Green Man, or are derived from historic designs with similar folkloric or floral theme.

My domestic pottery is generally very simple and all pieces are very pleasurable to look at and to use, in a Medieval or Arts & Crafts style which comes naturally from me.

Also, recently, my work has been heavily influenced by feedback and by doing commissions for my mainly pagan customer fan base.

Additionally, it is my aim that my work should be functional as well as attractive.  Even the plaques have a function other than being decorative, as they are extremely "Touchable" and provide a talking point to any wall they are placed upon.

"A wall plaque based on a decorative carving moves from the purely decorative into another area, and becomes a source of enjoyment and conversation." (Deiter Hogradish , Myspace friend)

Don't Forget!  I'm still an archaeologist, and I'm available for doing some lithic and pottery reports, as well as the organising of fieldwork and landscape assessments.

Also! I'm available for personalised tour guiding work, particularly of historic and natural landscape sites in the North of England.

And I am available to give lectures on a variety of different related topics.


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