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Jewellery "Green Man Bling"

My jewellery has proved to be one of my most popular products, and has opened up a whole new world to me, as a man, as to the power of jewellery on women!  Nothing sexist about that, its just us poor little men are completely oblivious to its power on the female psyche!  I am constantly developing and improving the range available, so you need to check out my Facebook Fan Page Steve The Green Man Potter for the latest developments.

My bad photography does not really give this product full justice.  However, I have been amazed at just how keen customers have been over them (and how jealous!), partly because it is very different from what is normally available, but also because, as with all my work, people simply enjoy the feel and look of it.  (Thanks to Haze, Ffion, Emma, Paula & Tina for the modelling work!).