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Wall Plaques
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Pottery with an Historic & Green Man theme

My work consists of a range of decorative ceramic pieces in a traditional Arts & Crafts style with echoes of the Gothic Revival and British Folk traditions.  I also produce work closer to Medieval, Roman & Prehistoric originals, and my recent work has been heavily influenced by modern pagan symbology. I also have an exciting ever expanding range of  jewellery inspired by historic example, the Green Man and the Goddess!

To see the full range of my pottery (and reduce the size of this website) images of examples of most of my work is via my Face Book Fan Page Steve The Green Man Potter

"Zen tradition teaches, there are many to a uniform style but the imperfect one is unique and therefore perfect in it's imperfection"

Because most of my work is very individualistic, with no two items ever being quite the same, every one of my main pieces are numbered with its details kept on a database, generally along with a digital photograph, which allows me to track its individual history.  Although I can't make exact copies of my work, this level of record keeping gives me some chance of matching the general shape, size and finish of any piece, if replacements are needed or if additional items are required.

Please contact me regarding prices and carriage, as various deals can be worked out depending on the quantity of pieces being purchased and a Discount is available if you buy directly from me here at the Castle. 

Additionally, I do not use lead based glazes on any of my food vessels, even though that is what medieval potters used and leaded glazes generally produce better greens (I use them on non-food vessels and jewellery).


All ceramic products are fragile so care should be taken in their handling and during fixing to any wall, etc.


"My name is Ozygreenmandias, King of Greens:

Look on my works, Ye Mighty, and despair!

Nothing beside remains."

(With apologies to any Shelley fans)